From the shadows

Born in Castellamare di Stabia (province of Naples) in 1961 and living in Treviso since 2004, Umberto Verdoliva has been photographing since 2006. Today, he holds workshops and in-depth studies on street photography. Member since 2010 of the international collective “Street Photographers”, in 2013 he founded “Spontanea”, an Italian collective dedicated to street photography. He has approached photography after having seen FAN HO’s Hong Kong works. While in love with Cartier Bresson, André Kertész and Elliot Erwitt, his greatest passion is the humanity surrounding him, of which he is a careful observer. Capable of transforming simple moments of ordinary life into moments with significant meaning, filled with poetry and sometimes with a subtle irony, his shots almost always possess a careful research in his vision, as his body of work shows. For Umberto, photography is a personal way to understand humanity, its implications and contradictions. He also does it to bear witness to the times and especially to have a tool with which to become a better man. He wouldn’t expect anything less from photography.

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Gotham City

Self taught, Brooklyn based photographer, Deshaun A. Craddock cruises New York City to capture the cold dark streets, giving us compelling images and the essence of the city. His city stills gives mystery yet familiarity and a sense of loneliness amongst congestion. He has succeeded in giving us amazing cityscapes. Continue reading

From the air (NSFW)

New Zealand based photographer John Crawford creates his latest exhibition of aerial nudes by photographing single naked bodies from a high elevation. Perfectly timed photographs show a distant nude body laying down in a series of interesting locations. Each shot is not just photographic coincidence but rather a predetermined design effort by Crawford. Among the settings of the photo feature include a parking lot, a crop field and a lumber yard as well as other venues. These fun images cause the viewer to squint their eyes and double-take to find out exactly what they are looking at.
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The Human Gallery would like to spotlight Brooklyn photographer, J. Quazi King for his outstanding portraits and street photography, capturing the true essence of people of Brooklyn. His images are rich yet raw, stirred in with a lot of soul. Continue on as he introduce you to some of his friends…

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City lights

Based in St. Petersburg, Russia, talented photographer Eduard Gordeev takes impressive rainy cityscapes. His captures look as if they were acrylic paintings. The reflections of city lights and all melting colors turn them into extraordinary pieces of art.
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