Matadors and Flamenco Dancers

Fashion photographer, Ruven Afanador gives us the drama and beauty of bullfighters and flamenco dancers through his coffee table books, Sombra and Ruven Afanador: Angel Gitano. The following images are from both Spanish flavored books. Continue reading


Hannes Casper is a Berlin based photographer who mainly shoots portraits of women in a style that can only be described as melancholic. His photos are brilliant, with a brooding aura so heavy you feel it in your actual chest. Continue reading

Caged Bird

“Find a way to make the work first and foremost. Do whatever you can to have that as a priority. Deal with the marketing and promoting of it after it has been made and you’re proud of it and you feel you couldn’t have worked harder. That way you can take it on the chin and still love it when it is not one critic’s cup of tea, you know?”
~ Cig Harvey, Photographer
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