Senegalese Wrestlers is an award winning photography series by photographer Denis Rouvre. This series was part of the Sports Features Stories category of World Press Photo 2010. The theme around the photos – “Man’s relations with strength, power and fragility.
Senegalese Wrestling has a long tradition in parts of Senegal and The Gambia. Wrestling is so popular in these parts of Africa that it may be considered as a national sport. Each wrestler, M’burr partakes in this sport to prove their manliness, build pride for their villages and demonstrate their discipline. Continue reading

Call of the wild

It is rare that a photographer can excel at capturing the beauty of both a human and an animal in the same photograph. Katerina Plotnikova does just this. It is not either the person or the animal that is the focal point of the picture, but how they interact together. The results are simply stunning. Continue reading

Quantum Blink

“The photographs in Quantum Blink are composed of two exposures taken instants apart. The striped pattern is the result of masks placed in-camera, this feature allows me to blend two images together and at the same time keep them from fully fusing onto one another.” Explains photographer Isabel M. Martinez. Continue reading

Memories of the Present

Kasia Wozniak, photographer who specialises in the Wet Plate Collodion process. The Wet Plate Collodion process is one of the first photography techniques, dating back to the beginning of the nineteenth century. The photograph is an outcome of a photographic ceremony, starting with the preparation of chemical solutions, pouring the negative solution onto the glass plate, which is then placed in the camera and exposed to the subject, the ceremony ends with developing the image in the darkroom. The fixed plate then becomes a hand crafted photograph. Continue reading

Blum into beauty

Beauty at it’s best is how you would describe the work of LA based photographer, Sylvie Blum. Lush with color or packed with emotion, you can not help but to be moved by her powerful and beautiful images. With her German roots, Blum creates edgy classic images that will end up in fashion history books.
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Harley present

Harley Weir’s photographs are moody, dark, yet natural and organic. London base Weir has an impressive catalog of work, with clients like AnOther magazine, I-D and Dazed and Confused, and gives us boundary pushing and emotional images. Continue reading

Avatar – Giannina

Gregory Prescott
Our avatar girl, Giannina Oteto is our feature model in this photo set. Born in Kenya, Giannina Oteto blesses us with strong images of fashion mixed thoroughly with art that gives us a tasty flavor that lingers on our palette.
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L’Afrique c’est chic

Ingrid Baars‘ unique style of photo-manipulation merges photography, high-end fashion and traditional African sculpture. Her works are made entirely by her, from the preliminary model photo shoot through editing the final piece. Her work usually involve modifying and merging several images into one end product. She describes her work as a two dimensional visual sculpture. She uses a contrast between inanimate objects and their living, breathing counterparts.
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