From the air (NSFW)

New Zealand based photographer John Crawford creates his latest exhibition of aerial nudes by photographing single naked bodies from a high elevation. Perfectly timed photographs show a distant nude body laying down in a series of interesting locations. Each shot is not just photographic coincidence but rather a predetermined design effort by Crawford. Among the settings of the photo feature include a parking lot, a crop field and a lumber yard as well as other venues. These fun images cause the viewer to squint their eyes and double-take to find out exactly what they are looking at.
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A walk in the woods (NSFW)

Taking a stroll through the woods, you’re never quite sure what you may come across. Manuel Moncayo gives us a peek into his photo diary and let us explore with him, a day in the woods. We take part in a peaceful, visual journey with visually stimulating encounters.

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Anastasia (NSFW)

The Human Gallery would like to recognize Ukraine model, Anastasia Arteyeva as our first feature model. She is truly a work of art herself. An exquisite beauty that literally transforms into her characters. She has so many amazing images and so I put together a collection so everyone can appreciate her astounding talent. Anastasia travels the country so to keep up with her you can go her facebook page and also see more of her work.

Photo by Rebecca Lawrence
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Black Lives Matter (NSFW)

There have always been a lack of color in the art world. It is important to put in the forefront, cultural diversity, depicting the true America and most importantly, the realistic world. We live on a planet that offers so much diversity, yet it is somewhat missing in our art galleries, museums and even fashion magazines. In most African American art, we see days of slavery , poverty and struggle instead of just seeing the beauty of black people. There are more to African Americans than just a slave and civil rights history. Through media, daily encounters and recent events, it is quite obvious that racism is still alive. Black lives do matter and The Human Gallery would like to showcase the fact that black is beautiful and black people, as in all races, are works of art too, without having to be depicted as impoverished. This series of photos are not to stir up debate about racism or the suffering of black people, but for a change, just showcase the rarely seen vision of African Americans as just simply artistically beautiful and worthy of gallery exposure. And just a note, not all photographers are African American. This is about the subject.

Photo by Ahmad Barber

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A Thousand Souls by Maciek Jasik (NSFW)

The idea of the single soul is the basis of Western religion and society. It is the the source of our individuality and our desire. And the portrait defines this self, by exposing the soul through a clarity of vision. We feel we can sense the texture of this soul through the details and subtleties of the subject’s expression and manner. – Jasik

Maciek Jasik’s blurred moodscapes bring colorful but ghostly souls to life. Rich with emotion, we are compelled to find a connection with his subjects. His models represent a diversity in spirits.
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