Enchanted Forest


Elena Helfrecht, is a self taught German photographer. Her work was influenced by the dark forests and the folklore of Bavaria. The goal of Helfrecht’s imagery is to visualize human thoughts and emotions. With the medium of photography she captures reality and alters it digitally to show what lies beneath the physical surface.




Until Kingdom Comes

Simen Johan born in Norway in 1973, who darkly explores the human proclivity towards fantasy and our attempts, knowing or otherwise, to alternate realities for ourselves. Merging traditional photographic techniques with digital methods, Johan creates each of his images from as many as one hundred negatives, having first constructed or discovered each element and photographed it on film. Across his body of work, the viewer is urged to ponder the relationship between the real and the artificial or imagined.

Call of the wild

It is rare that a photographer can excel at capturing the beauty of both a human and an animal in the same photograph. Katerina Plotnikova does just this. It is not either the person or the animal that is the focal point of the picture, but how they interact together. The results are simply stunning. Continue reading


Alexandra Sophie is a young self-taught fashion and illustration photographer who has already amassed a huge online following. She agreed to test the Petzval artistic lens and used it to create delicate and beautiful nature-themed images. With this series she explores femininity vs nature: Continue reading

Road to Somewhere

UK based photographer Andy Lee captures very inspiring images of the roads he crosses, by snow or mist. In this series, the photographer is always placed in the middle of the road and shows the beautiful perspective of the stunning surroundings landscapes and the road that extend till infinity. Continue reading

Caught moments (NSFW)

23 year old Columbian photographer, Javier Rey opens up his visual diary and share his private world. Continue reading


Who doesn’t love the ocean? Australian based photographer, Cameron McFarlane shoots what he knows and loves best; the ocean. He is able to capture that moment when the waves seem to take on another solid form. He loves the fact that you have only a split moment to get the image because the sea is constantly changing. Continue reading