Black to Earth (NSFW)


On the last day of Black History Month, The Human Gallery presents images from the collection of Gregory Prescott.  Here Prescott brings stunning artistic nude images of African American men and women connecting with the earth.  Not often do we see people of color in this light and this series is a great way to close out, artistically, Black History Month; showcasing diversity in the world of art photography.  Continue reading

Falling Flowers

With great styling, great movement, beautiful models, and skilled technique, Russian photographer, Svetlana Belyaeva creates eye catching images of women whom seem to be transforming into flowers.
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12 years later (NSFW)

It has been 12 years to this date, December 26, 2002, that iconic photographer, Herb Ritts passed away at the age of 50. The Human Gallery would like to pay homage to one of the most inspirational fashion and art photographers of the 20th century. Here we showcase some of his images, including some rarely seen. His classic style and use of light and lines are timeless and photos will forever breathe life.
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Women, Saints and Goddesses (NSFW)

Barron Claiborne started taking pictures at age ten after receiving a camera from his mother, at which point he decided, “God, maybe I’ll just do photography, then I won’t have to do anything else.” Claiborne went on to develop a true penchant for the craft, and created a unique style, working primarily in large format and experimenting with 8×10 Polaroid film in order to lend a bronzed, overly textured quality to his photographs.
Claiborne’s photographic influences are often derived from his Southern and African ancestry, and he uses his work as a canvas for representing the tales and oral traditions at the roots of his heritage. For the past 3 years, Claiborne has focused on the bodies of women, saints, and goddesses. His work has appeared in a number of publications including Newsweek, New York Times Magazine,Rolling Stone, and Interview.
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The Wicked World of Willis (NSFW)

Enter if you will, the wicked world of Chip Willis, where you will find women either frolic and be playful, leaving their worries behind, or morph into a seducing temptress, luring you into her web. They seem to live the carefree life we all desire, tossing all inhibitions out the window. You will follow these nymphs wherever they take you. Willis introduces you to the girl next door and dares you not to have a good time. His images are bold yet calming by reminding you of good times we’ve all had. His work is also cinematic, which gives you a smooth blend of storytelling and eroticism. Follow his adventure by following his blog at
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Often times our mind takes us to other places, so photo manipulation artist, Antonio Mora literally worked with this idea. Here are some of his masterful duo-Images, that uses nature and cityscapes, that takes you on a worldly journey through the eyes of beautiful ethnic women.

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Black Lives Matter (NSFW)

There have always been a lack of color in the art world. It is important to put in the forefront, cultural diversity, depicting the true America and most importantly, the realistic world. We live on a planet that offers so much diversity, yet it is somewhat missing in our art galleries, museums and even fashion magazines. In most African American art, we see days of slavery , poverty and struggle instead of just seeing the beauty of black people. There are more to African Americans than just a slave and civil rights history. Through media, daily encounters and recent events, it is quite obvious that racism is still alive. Black lives do matter and The Human Gallery would like to showcase the fact that black is beautiful and black people, as in all races, are works of art too, without having to be depicted as impoverished. This series of photos are not to stir up debate about racism or the suffering of black people, but for a change, just showcase the rarely seen vision of African Americans as just simply artistically beautiful and worthy of gallery exposure. And just a note, not all photographers are African American. This is about the subject.

Photo by Ahmad Barber

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