Falling Flowers

With great styling, great movement, beautiful models, and skilled technique, Russian photographer, Svetlana Belyaeva creates eye catching images of women whom seem to be transforming into flowers.
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Who doesn’t love the ocean? Australian based photographer, Cameron McFarlane shoots what he knows and loves best; the ocean. He is able to capture that moment when the waves seem to take on another solid form. He loves the fact that you have only a split moment to get the image because the sea is constantly changing. Continue reading

Planet Lars (NSFW)

Lars Stephan travels the world with his camera. The German born former model not only shoots locations of countries he visits, he also turn his camera on himself, creating a collection of beautiful self portraits.
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Sparse and as suddenly impressive as the spontaneous appearance of an altruistic apparition, Luca Bortolato’s photographs feel overwhelmingly pure not just in their technical construction, but in their soul-tugging emotional arcs.
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