Braid Patterns


So Yoo Lym started this series of hair and braid pattern paintings in the summer of 2008.  These acrylic on paper images are based on photos he took of students and strangers he came across in Patterson, New Jersey where he had worked for the past 9 years.
So Yoo Lym was born is Seoul, Korea, but lived in Kenya and Uganda for the first 7 years of his life.  Since then he has lived in various parts of New Jersey.  At age 15, he started studying with Korean exiled painter, Ung No Lee in Normandy, France.  There he discovered in that summer how art was inextricably tied to nature and his life.  



“Through photography, I try to understand human relationships and connections. Using invisible threads, we either bind someone to us, or drive them away. Threads of our feelings, anxieties, and fears, which, like our hair, we are afraid to let loose,” says Bara Prasilova in offering a key to decipher her brilliant ‘Evolve’ series. Continue reading

Loc Down

Our feature model is Ladene Clark, who is a knitwear designer in Brooklyn. She is the fashionista of Brooklyn and is recognized by her full beautiful locs and street style. She is art.
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Blum into beauty

Beauty at it’s best is how you would describe the work of LA based photographer, Sylvie Blum. Lush with color or packed with emotion, you can not help but to be moved by her powerful and beautiful images. With her German roots, Blum creates edgy classic images that will end up in fashion history books.
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The Art of Hair

Hair can always set a person apart from the crowd. It is actually an expression of our individuality. A man or woman who dyes their hair blue or green are definitely not the quiet, shy type. We created a collection of hair in art photography. Our hair can be our creative outlet.

Model: Peter Lairns
Photographer: David Sims
Hairstyling: Guido Palau
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