Mambu Bayoh is a Sierra Leone/Liberian photographer who came to the United States at a young age, escaping the Liberian civil war. Drawn to the art of photography, Bayoh stopped his pursuit in Law and dedicated his time to his now current passion. His work not only crosses over into high fashion and street fashion, but into social documentation as well, capturing the vibrant softness and hidden strength of his subjects. Continue reading

Two as one

Fashion photographer, Nancy Schoenmakers teams up with models Jodie Smith and Mauza Antonio to create this rich editorial for Nu-Mode magazine. Continue reading

Memories of the Present

Kasia Wozniak, photographer who specialises in the Wet Plate Collodion process. The Wet Plate Collodion process is one of the first photography techniques, dating back to the beginning of the nineteenth century. The photograph is an outcome of a photographic ceremony, starting with the preparation of chemical solutions, pouring the negative solution onto the glass plate, which is then placed in the camera and exposed to the subject, the ceremony ends with developing the image in the darkroom. The fixed plate then becomes a hand crafted photograph. Continue reading

Loc Down

Our feature model is Ladene Clark, who is a knitwear designer in Brooklyn. She is the fashionista of Brooklyn and is recognized by her full beautiful locs and street style. She is art.
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It was in the time of the Sixties that dresses nickel chromium plates unbolted us of a blow, by the magic of its setter in form, Spanish fashion designer Paco Rabanne. “Iron Man” of the mode will mark the entry of the world in another dimension, that of the future. It is this same magic as wanted to prolong THIERRY LE GOUES with his Amazones, a return in the future of the Master of metal creations. Continue reading