Caught moments (NSFW)

23 year old Columbian photographer, Javier Rey opens up his visual diary and share his private world. Continue reading

The Wicked World of Willis (NSFW)

Enter if you will, the wicked world of Chip Willis, where you will find women either frolic and be playful, leaving their worries behind, or morph into a seducing temptress, luring you into her web. They seem to live the carefree life we all desire, tossing all inhibitions out the window. You will follow these nymphs wherever they take you. Willis introduces you to the girl next door and dares you not to have a good time. His images are bold yet calming by reminding you of good times we’ve all had. His work is also cinematic, which gives you a smooth blend of storytelling and eroticism. Follow his adventure by following his blog at
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Smoking rhapsody

Unusually intense movement of colors flow across the faces and bodies of male models, Andres Sanjuan, Adonis, Bosso, and Jacob Kulesza as Latin photographer, Rainer Torrado captures the moment when bellows of smoke free flows from their mouths. With a mild state of drunken eroticism, we get to participate in their psychedelic journey. These images are a part of Torrado’s Nocebo series, which is Latin for “I shall harm”.
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Stepping back in time (NSFW)

Ed Ross uses a photographic process called the Wet Plate, which dates back to 1851 to give us a glimpse of sensuality of the past. Viewing Ed Ross’s images is like finding a secret shoe box of photos under your grandmother’s bed.

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