The Bold and the Beautiful

Paris based artist, Francoise Nielly, creates stunning large-scale portraits, inspired by urban culture.  Her vibrant paintings are created using pallet knives, spreading neon coloured paint boldly across the canvas in order to capture the vibrant nature of her subjects.  Françoise Nielly’s painting is expressive, exhibiting a brute force, a fascinating vital energy. Oil and knife combine to sculpt her images from a material that is, at the same time, biting and incisive, charnel and sensual. Whether she paints the human body or portraits, the artist takes a risk: her painting is sexual, her colors free, exuberant, surprising, even explosive, the cut of her knife incisive, her color pallet dazzling.

Architectural Graphics


Istanbul based architect, Yener Torun has taken on the project of documenting Istanbul’s minimalist architecture.  His photographs have a large following.  “What I show is completely abstracted from the reality,” says Torun, “With the human element, the background becomes a tool that shows a feeling or emotion.”  Continue reading


Julia Noni is an Italian photographer taking beautiful and astonishing fashion photos. Known for the use of a strong color palette and ability to seamlessly integrate the environment, she uses the natural landscape combined with vibrantly colored backdrops to create a striking contrast against the model. Continue reading

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder

Born in 1977, Nontsikelelo Veleko lives and works in Johannesburg. She is a highly original photographer and project manager/co-coordinator at the Market Photo Workshop, where she previously trained in the art of photography. In the last couple of years, Lolo has been gathering a great deal of attention with her striking work entitled Beauty is in the eyes of a beholder. Continue reading

Living Color with Erik Madigan Heck

Erik Madigan Heck, winner of the prestigious 2013 ICP Infinity Award in the Applied/Fashion/Advertising photography, creates photos and films that explore the intersections among fashion, painting, and classical portraiture, a unique creative vision that he has brought to advertising and editorial clients ranging from BMW, Levi’s, and Eres to Vanity Fair, W, The New York Times, Time and The New Yorker.
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A Thousand Souls by Maciek Jasik (NSFW)

The idea of the single soul is the basis of Western religion and society. It is the the source of our individuality and our desire. And the portrait defines this self, by exposing the soul through a clarity of vision. We feel we can sense the texture of this soul through the details and subtleties of the subject’s expression and manner. – Jasik

Maciek Jasik’s blurred moodscapes bring colorful but ghostly souls to life. Rich with emotion, we are compelled to find a connection with his subjects. His models represent a diversity in spirits.
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