Architectural Graphics


Istanbul based architect, Yener Torun has taken on the project of documenting Istanbul’s minimalist architecture.  His photographs have a large following.  “What I show is completely abstracted from the reality,” says Torun, “With the human element, the background becomes a tool that shows a feeling or emotion.”  Continue reading

Quantum Blink

“The photographs in Quantum Blink are composed of two exposures taken instants apart. The striped pattern is the result of masks placed in-camera, this feature allows me to blend two images together and at the same time keep them from fully fusing onto one another.” Explains photographer Isabel M. Martinez. Continue reading

Going public (NSFW)

Daredevil photographer, Gary Breckheimer takes it to the streets with models. From New York to Los Angeles through Europe, Breckheimer gives us cityscapes along with bodyscapes. Continue reading

Caught moments (NSFW)

23 year old Columbian photographer, Javier Rey opens up his visual diary and share his private world. Continue reading

Gotham City

Self taught, Brooklyn based photographer, Deshaun A. Craddock cruises New York City to capture the cold dark streets, giving us compelling images and the essence of the city. His city stills gives mystery yet familiarity and a sense of loneliness amongst congestion. He has succeeded in giving us amazing cityscapes. Continue reading

City lights

Based in St. Petersburg, Russia, talented photographer Eduard Gordeev takes impressive rainy cityscapes. His captures look as if they were acrylic paintings. The reflections of city lights and all melting colors turn them into extraordinary pieces of art.
Continue reading