Klaus Kampert shows us the human figure from his unique perspective in his stunning photographs. He uses ballet dancers as models to achieve poses that morph the body into abstract forms.
His carefully constructed lighting arrangements also help to sculpt the forms into new shapes. Klaus says that the images are concerned with displaying the “constant pursuit of beauty, grace, achievement and perfection” to the viewer Continue reading

Black Venus (NSFW)

Raw women in many shades, shapes and sizes makes Maxim Vakhovskiy’s models so relate able, that the viewer would swear that they know these women, as either a neighbor or a woman they seen in passing at the grocery store or maybe even a woman who attends their church each Sunday. These are real women that connects with their audience even though this may be their first time being professionally photographed. These black goddesses are a representation of women from the south in America, as they were all photographed in Vakhovskiy’s studio in Charlotte, North Carolina. These images are all part of his Black Venus Project, celebrating the beauty of black women.
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