It was in the time of the Sixties that dresses nickel chromium plates unbolted us of a blow, by the magic of its setter in form, Spanish fashion designer Paco Rabanne. “Iron Man” of the mode will mark the entry of the world in another dimension, that of the future. It is this same magic as wanted to prolong THIERRY LE GOUES with his Amazones, a return in the future of the Master of metal creations.

A project is born, in 2001, between the creator and the photographer around metal, his reflections with the light, its futuristic imagery. Paco Rabnne will place at the disposal of Goues all the dresses and the accessories of its files. It is then a question of exceeding a retrospective vision to reveal the matter of metal contrasting on the black, expensive skin with the two men.

Thierry Le Goues will be able “to arm” his Amazones with creations of Paco Rabanne in the external timeless ones, of the lunar landscapes used like an ECRIN with his photographs: the volcanic island of Lanzarote, cliffs of Etretat, Brazilian beaches of Nordeste, the desert of the Sahara.

As a feature of union to its first book “Soul”, Thierry Le Gouès undertakes to work with rising generation of black mannequins: Nina Keita, Kadija, Adame and Hawa Niang, Margaret Lahoussage, “They were a constant inspiration during this work to which I wished to give an erotic key”.

How not to capitulate to the surreal beauty of these black Amazones “pacorabannized”









French photographer. Thierry Le Goues at work.

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