Monochromatic only

Noell Oszvald is a 22-year-old Hungarian photographer who only picked up a camera for the first time a year ago.
She now lives and works in Budapest. Oszvald has only showed a few of her images with the world as of yet, all being self portraits. She works solely in black and white film because she finds color to be distracting from her conceptual ideas. She has also mentioned in interviews that she wishes for the viewer to find a piece of themselves within her work and to interpret it individually based upon that exploration. According to an interview conducted by My Modern Met, Oszvald says, “I don’t want to tell people what to see in my images, this is the reason why I never really write any descriptions other than titles. It shows what I wish to express but everyone is free to figure out what the picture says to them. It’s very interesting to read so many different thoughts about the same piece of work.”
Oszvald’s aesthetic is very whimsical and shadowy, powerful and surreal. Her compositions are simple with plaine planar backdrops capturing purity and allowing the shapes and edges within the image to create a soft yet powerful relationship.












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